Ethical  engagement

Cultural fusion

ethical engagemenT


The approach we propose incorporates ethical engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and perspectives. It is mindful of historic and contemporary contexts and the impact they can have on sustained trusted relationships. It is aware of the potential for conflict that emerges from time to time between Aboriginal priorities and aspirations and those of government, professional organisations and non-Aboriginal perspectives and systems. 

The structure of our engagement seeks to be fair, transparent, promote equality of voices and disclosure and respect for differing cultural priorities and perspectives. 


In keeping with this, the information used or collected through consultations will be available to the participants of the consultations if requested. This information includes:

  • Data and other evidence;

  • Conclusions drawn; and 

  • Materials produced.


Ethical disclosure in this context is framed to promote repair of damaged relationships, build sustainable trusted relationship and provide the constructive basis for our work.