Cultural Fusion is a team of widely experienced and respected change agents working across strategic, operational and cultural domains primarily but not exclusively in Indigenous affairs. 


We develop capability in organisational cultures, policy and programmes, professional and individual behaviour and outlooks.

Our aim is to provide organisations culturally competent tools and strategies to ensure they can respond to changing environments, bringing about change, and the most effective results to their organisation and partners. 

We are a company that can deliver a diverse cross section of strategic deliverables, implementation, measurement and evaluation frameworks. We are a group that strives to operate in the real world offering innovative solutions to often complex challenges.

How WE Can

Help You

The Cultural Fusion model is based on the experience and unique capabilities of a remarkable collective of individuals. Individually and collectively, we have evaluated, created, and implemented strategies with lasting and profound impact across:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;

  • Government agencies; 

  • Higher education; 

  • The arts sector; and

  • Civil Society.


Together we deliver culturally competent, innovative, and collaborative solutions that are actually achievable. 

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