Consultation Approach

Cultural fusion consultation 


Communities and regions across Australia have their own stories and experiences that have shaped thinking and outcomes in development and self-determination. In different ways and to different degrees, the struggles, campaigns, setbacks and successes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have, for many parts of the country, helped sharpen actions and thinking nationally. 


Over the years, the messages we have heard from community, leaders and influences on what is required to create agency and self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have remained consistent. These key messages are:

  • Position your thinking and action carefully and stay focused and grounded;

  • Not everyone is at the same starting point, so it’s the trajectory and pace of change that is more important;

  • Maintain clear expectations, clear decisions and clear communications;

  • Establish culturally competent consultation and engagement processes; and

  • Connect the dots – Wisdom is best used in collaboration. 

We approach all consultations from our principle of culture, community and country first. We combine this approach and key messages to frame our consultations. It encourages us to:


  • Recall and reflect on past efforts;

  • Respect and learn from these efforts; and

  • Utilise that experience to inform, strengthen and guide what we as Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples do to make the future better for ourselves, for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.